Sunday, October 7, 2007

Web addresses

Hmmm ... those cute little link buttons weren't working for me. drat!
Oh! but also my computer just hiccuped...
Here are the addresses
And speaking of Columbus Day, check out the book 1421. A great read. The Chinese made the maps, that the Portugese had, that Chris used in 1492. -The Chinese maps were made 70 years before CC sailed-. Amazing. Now if we only knew what Alexander had in his library.

I have a website!!

Well, I have finally taken the plunge! And I just feel so brave to sit for hours at the computer and figure this all out. Take a peek!: There are lots of links back to here, and a few to my also brand new etsy store! (What a learning curve this weekend!)
Anyway, here are some pics from the website:
This is a quilted vessel that I talk about on the .com and have for sale at etsy.
Here is another quilted vessel. Y'know years ago, I was making a little art quilt and I put my quilting stitches so closely together that they made it all stiff. Boo Hoo says I ... until I realised that THIS could help me into my beloved, tactile third dimension. Yay.
This line of hearts is from Prayers II, an exquisite embellished applique that I did about a year ago. I adore the set and would love to put them out ... I will have to work on my in-house photography set up. Prayers I and II are each about 4' tall. I'm not quite sure how to get any clarity with the distance I'll need to get the whole piece in.
So, besides all that, this heartline - one small part of P. II - is my webpage header. I like how it turned out very much.
I had a little painting flurry two years ago, and made lots of Madonnas, and a few goddesses. This lovely is at my etsy
Oh! And Nannee gets to breathe some fresh air too. My first book. Self-published. She's at my etsy too. (Am I using those link buttons too much? I could be dangerous with all this computer info. - Oh Dear God In Heaven ... this stuff is so much fun ... D'y'spose God and Goddess send each other emails? yhwh @ yahoo .com???)
I'll stop.
Do go take a peek: