Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Painting Girls at the Studio

Today at the Studio I had a couple of teens come by to fill up their morning with something scrumptious. They got to painting some brown paper bags to eventually turn into greeting cards or art journal papers or ... well, we await their decisions. I had them scrape on the gesso and paint. It saves a little paint and it also makes a flatter paper - not so much paint texture to write over.
You can see the stencil one girl cut for her paper at the top of this picture.
Some drying papers... Some work with alphabet stencils...
I like how this stencil turned out:
After this art girl stenciled she traced the letters with paint, stamped the paper with blue circles and white stars, then sprayed the whole with watered blue acrylic paint. I love this and I loved watching her work. My job here at the Studio is so excellent.
Lots of drying wonder pieces: