Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homeschool News

We had a lovely bunch of homeschoolers at the Studio today. One child took a look at the paper chains hanging from the ceiling and directed us hither: so we spent some time figuring them out.

A colorful tabletop of bits and pieces: A lavender and violet chain:
In the top photo, the red-green-lightblue chain belonged to the boy who's interests we were following. I love working with other people. We all have our own perspectives (of course) and when I work alone I can go some distance before I reach the end of my view, but still: I can't push any further than what I can perceive from where I stand. None of us can. Its only natural. So then when you all come into my studio and you are working from your point of view, if we are paying attention (and I mean that spiritually and emotionally, as well as intellectually) then I get to travel to your horizon.
Teaching is often portrayed as one know-it-quite-a-lot pours facts into the brain of somebody less knowing. I keep finding, both in homeschooling my own children and in opening my studio to others, that if I make it more like a walk that we are taking together then I get gifts to take home too. Plus, you are sooo smart, and creative. I love learning from you.
So the boy who took us all on this paper chain walk today put one of his almond/mandorlas on the side - which looked cool, but set the construction of the chain askew. I knew that there had to be a way to reconfigure the link. I used up a few little papers (as Thomas Edison would have said) figuring out how not to do it, and then I figured it out. We worked it into his chain and when he was setteled, I went off to personally test the properties of this new link.
When I had a few pieces tucked into a chain I held it up to show everyone .. and then it slipped out of place .. and into this marvellous curve. Check it out:
Oh. My. Heavens.
A whole new Point Of View. Thanks, J!
The rest of the room was working on crayon paper. I wish that I had had the presence of mind to take a second picture of the later stage of this mother-daughter picture. The part after the acrylic wash and crumpling. But here, earlier, it was already an intriguing piece. Maybe they will bring it back next time they visit the studio to show us. Yum.
So. I am blessed by your presence. It was a good day.