Sunday, April 25, 2010

And how proud am I?

O.K., so she's my daughter. I'm crazy about her. Today she is outdoing herself. Check this out:

Whatta girl. She draws really lovely anime drawings, and when I suggested that she put them on mugs to sell she dove in. She used Copic markers for these drawings. I haven't had much to say about them ... until I saw what she can do with them! Mr. and Mrs. Copic made them with my girl in mind.

Really: click the link and have a look.

And read her blurbs about who the girls are. OMG.

And in case you couldn't tell - I am waaay proud. Go ahead: buy a mug. Drink your morning sips with these lovelies. (Keep my girl in Copic markers.)

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Artistic Mother

I have joined an art group. Read all about it here:
I just got the book: The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole and will start on the projects and then keep you posted here. It is a nice concept. Y'know: that art makes us stronger, gentler people and that we, as mothers, need those two qualities in large amounts, daily.

Actually, I already know this. You know this too. But I wanted to see what everyone else was coming up with... and also challenge myself with some new projects.

Although I am never really at a loss for new ideas. Here is my latest: I needed a new checkbook cover so I had a bit of fun with scraps from my "yellow" box.

Here is the front:

And the whole outside:

And the inside - complete with penholder.So, listen. My life is changing. Befriend me on facebook ("Robinsunne Ismyfullname") (They kept asking for my full name - but Robinsunne is my full name!) and you will get all of the minute clues along the way. So far, there are many ducklings to get in a row, and I am not ready to let on about the whole big secret just yet. But stay tuned.
In all that is changing, my blog will be changing too. I will still be here - just in a new-ishy way. These projects with The Artistic Mother will be my last Oh-guess-what-I-did-today type posts.
Keep an eye out. So much fun to be had.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Something is changing...

So, I am working on a change. You can be a part of it. I will open the lid slowly. Stay connected with me here and see what happens.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Art at the Library

Artist Trading Card Art at the Library this month is all about zentangles.

"Zen" as in the meditation tradition.

"Tangle" as in the intricate paths of our pens as we draw.

Does this sound complicated? Well, it isn't really. We start with a blank ATC card:
Then draw 3 curved lines:
And start filling in the spaces with simple designs:
After that we decorate the smaller shapes:
So why am I giving out instructions before we meet?

Because drawing like this is fun. Certainly. You know.
But drawing in a room with others is wonderful. It is a good time multiplied. And you deserve that.

So, we will see you on Saturday afternoon, 2 - 4 PM, at the Rockport Public Library, O.K.?