Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chang E, The Lady of the Moon is published!

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I am so pleased to let you know about my latest picture book:
Chang E: the Lady of the Moon
The book is available at:

As a fortuitous treat, the printer is making a special offer good through September 30th.
Go to:
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Void where prohibited.

Chang E is the story of the Chinese Moon Goddess and how she came to live on the moon. Each year at the Autumn Full Moon Festival people in China, Viet Nam and all over the world gather with their families to celebrate the harvest, our children, and being together. When you read the story you will find out why this night is so special to Chang E and her husband, Hou Yi. This year her festival falls on October 3rd in Asia and on October 2nd here in North America.

Chang E is a picture book that I drew for my Asian born children back in 2001 when they were very young. Our adoption group has read this story to the children every year at the end of our own Autumn Full Moon celebration. We too look up at the moon, and imagine.

I have always wanted to share this story. This past year I polished up all of my original drawings and prepared the book for international publication. It is done; the book is ready.

I invite you to curl up with your children on this special night, enjoy the gorgeous colors of this picture book, and whisper your wishes to Chang E.
The book is available at:

Please pass this on to anyone else who might enjoy this retelling of the wonderful
Chang E, The Lady of the Moon
and her brave husband, Hou Yi, now, just in time for the Autumn Full Moon Festival.

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Yay! O Blessings are everywhere! This is all wonderful.

Happy Day to you too.