Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crayon Papers Give-A-Way

Early in January there was a post on Facebook about how I could get a free piece of art from an artist friend of mine, Claire. I made the requisite comment to her post, re-posted the offer on my own facebook and got 7 replies. To these 7 people - and you know who you are - I now offer these images from my exhibit at the Rockport Library. Crazy, I know. But very fun to do.

So, you seven: First-Come-First-Choice: Comment here, or email me, or facebook me: give me your 1st and 2nd choices and I will send you an original piece of my art at the end of February when the show comes down. O.K.?

The names are on the left side, above the stitched and beaded papers.

Oh! and thanks for playing!
Yes: (goes to CW)True BlueSeashore (shown sideways)Sacred Journey (going to BJS)Meditation (this goes to AM)Garden Grow (this goes to GL)Daily Practice (claimed by CP)