Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Birthday Blog Party soon!!

Hi, Do you remember last fall when I had a blog party? And last year on my birthday I had an ATC give-away? Well, this year I thought that I would combine the two ideas and have a Birthday Blog Party! I am really excited about this: there are so many details to figure out: decorations, the menu, the guest list - well, that's easy: you!

So: my birthday is on June 16th and I invite you to stop by for some tea and cake. I have invited a few other friends as well who all would love to meet you (and, of course!!!) I will have some party gifts for you!
And in the meantime: I was interviewed by Anya this morning about ATCs for her magazine, and she told me about a website that I hadn't been to before. Check it out: http://www.europeanpapers.com/ Lots of ATC and collage in general materials. Have fun.