Sunday, August 22, 2010

tidbits and ATCs

Hmmm ... this picture is sideways. - Well, anyway, yesterday I taught some ATC tricks at the Rockport Library. First we took fun foam, like on the left, then covered it with metal tape (center), and then took slightly dulled pencils to draw into the foam/tape. The combination of soft foam and metal take the impression really well. We then cut out our shapes and added them to the watercolor crayon drawings that we had made.
The circle on the left is what happened when I drew into the plain tape - the circle on the right has the foam under it. See how rich the texture is? Great.
Then yesterday I also went to a yard sale and got some great little bits for the collage treasure chest of drawers at Sunne Spot. Dominoes and game pieces ...
Game money. :)
And excellent little treasures ...
Plus a spirograph for the Studio. We had fun today testing it out.