Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last night's ATC swap at the library

Well last night, at our local library, we had our fifth Wednesday evening ATC swap. We looked around in our junk drawers and came up with some intriguing design items. Have a look:
This one says "Meditate by emptying yourself and letting the universe fill you." that came from a tea tag, the woman from a Dover clip art book, the gold from a paper doily, and the marigolds from a seed packet.

This next one has a reproduction of an old playing card with my face glued in, some Chinese spirit offerings, and a golden paper skirt.

And this last one from last night has an empty needle case folder (which opens and I want to put something else in there...), two twinkle lights from a Christmas tree string, a paper tea tag reading: It is not what you have that is your greatness, it is what you give." and some Viet Namese spirit money.

The tea tag quote was interesting to find in my stash because I had realised on the way to the library that I was suddenly really nervous about teaching ... "would I be good enough?" and all that. But I remembered that old wisdom about how when we put our selves in the position of giving our gifts - rather trying to gauge other people's evaluation of us - it takes the pressure off. My job is just to give what I have and the rest is up to God/The Universe.

I think that it helped.

And an added treat is that one of my Birthday ATC Recipients came to the swap, gave me an ATC in exchange for the one I had given to her, and ALSO traded two more times with me!!

A good night. Next month we are going to play with portraits of famous people from Maine. July 30th. I will also have some of my new books, The Great Library ATC Swap, to autograph if you would like one. See you then.