Friday, June 4, 2010

What IS a "drop-in community art studio"?

What is a "drop-in, community art studio"?

Well, let's take it a bit at a time.

Studio: A place to study, a place to practice, a place where all of the instruments of one's work are gathered together. A studio is a dedicated room to explore and manifest the thoughts and skills of a particular accomplishment; in this case ...

Art: A particular set of [performance, or literary, or] visual expressions and the techniques which render experience, wisdom and facility. O.K., very big words, here. We are talking sewing, drawing, collage, painting, journaling, knitting, paper constructing, and their cousins. Hopefully we will be adding in clay, wood and a little metal work too. And lots more needlework of every kind.

One of the points of great interest to me is that this work not be about perfectionism. Certainly gaining skills is crucial to the art we will all practice at Sunne Spot Studio. But what is deeper than that is the intellectual and emotional, and yes, even spiritual exercise of our handwork.

Which brings us to ...

Community: Working together to allow the skills of each individual and the energy of the group enrich our own personal life experience and each other.

What I know about craft and art could fill a book - oh, yeah, I already wrote one ... So I could have sat at home in my own studio writing books (I have a couple more in mind) but I longed for the energy of the community. And when I looked around I saw other moms (not just me) who longed for gentle work to do with their children in the company of other adults. I also heard about part time artists and crafters who need to have a special place and time to dedicate to their handwork, because if they try to do it at home they are both alone and distracted by the chores that call loudly.

Which brings us to ...

Drop-in: We plan our days the best we can, and then there are the little crises or unexpected demands that throw it all askew. So I planned Sunne Spot to just be available to you all morning during the week. There will be afternoon, evening and weekend classes, taught with specific goals in mind, but the mornings are for you, on your schedule, for as long as you need or want.

Now you know a little more about Sunne Spot Studio. Please come in to visit and see what we are all about for yourself next week. It's FREE. In exchange for a quick questionaire about your time in the Studio, you get to work for a while, using Studio materials, drinking up the companionship and atmosphere - yup - for free. During the week of June 7th - 11th. See you then.