Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do you "like" me?

Well, not me, precisely, but Sunne Spot Studio?

Well, if you do then go on over to the Sunne Spot Studio page on facebook and let it show! Yippee! The studio has 22 friends already. Thanks, you all!

This is all so exciting that events are starting to snowball. I might open unofficially sooner than I had thought.

The opening party will still be in June: on the Sunday before my birthday. Party week in Rockport. Bring your paper scissors and glue. Do We know how to party or what?

Y'know how last year I had a virtual birthday party here on the blog? Let's do that again. Only this year you, and not just the virtual you but the actual you, are invited! We'll do both. I'm gonna be a double digit so I will have a double birthday party: actual cake, virtual party gifts, for-real iced tea, and digital photographs. It is a date: Sunday, the Sunne Party Day, June 13th, 2010.