Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Trash Walk Through My Studio

Hi, another Thursday, another Trash Walk.
You asked for photos of the whole pieces, so here you are: Prayers I and Prayers II: These art quilts were both done on cotton cloth; mostly reverse applique, then embellished with either sterling silver or 14K goldfill beads, then glass beads and various bits of reconfigured trash. They are each about 43" x 9" (1.25 x .25m). This week's detail pics come from Prayers I.
Here in the first close-up is a silver colored, plastic wrapper from a printer ink, cut to shape and fit to shape the triangle that I had made, and then sewn on with silver thread.
These lovely stars were cut from black vegetable tray foam with a little polymer clay cookie cutter. It actually only impressed the foam. I had to go back and finish cutting with a craft knife.Next is a row of CD drops.A chip cut from the top of an oatmeal box.Another little glass vial with a teatag saying in it.
A feather shape cut from that silver plastic, this time slightly etched with a dull pencil for texture, and sewn again with silver thread.

A curious couple of lines: the top one has tiny squares of blue packaging held on with one size 11 seed bead each. The bottom one has silver beads bracketing a piece of packaging wire that I wound around a pencil then fanned into shape.More packaging black plastic with silver beads to hold it on.And lastly an applique web with the silver nibs from some pens.

I loved making these. Maybe I will make some more someday.

I have more to show you so stop by next Thursday, O.K.?