Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camp Art

Well, while we were at camp this week, and while the children were off being ... child-like, I started looking around in my ATC bag. (Some people bring novels for their down time...) I had some sheets of cardstock, and I had a zip-lock bag full of tiny scraps that knew would come in handy eventually! I grouped the bits by color and then glued them to the cardstock.

When I got home I sealed each card with gel medium. This morning I cut them into individual cards - now I have 50!! ATC backers. The last thing that I will do is add words: song lyrics, tea tag sayings, fortune cookie fortunes...
The red/pink sheet has red foil from the inside of a christmas letter from my cousin and odd ends from other crumpled tissue paper ATC backers that I hadn't quite finished.
The greens included some tissue/glue papers, gold doily parts, a teabag envelope and green punch-out strips from a scrapbooking effort.

The pink/purple has torn mulberry paper strips and stars cut from pink scrapbook paper as well as the magazine paper envelope that I got from an enamel artist woman I know, in trade for one of my birthday ATCs back in June.

There is one that has some sparkler packaging mixed in with bits of gold and "go make something" tags from Lisa Volrath's website (tons of freebies there!) ( I think).

And lastly one in orange and yellow and gold: teabag envelope - gold!, handcarved rubber stamps and Tibetan incence packaging on that page.