Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!

Hi, hello! Welcome to my birthday party! I am so glad that you could come over for a visit.

May I get you some iced tea?

I have always loved my birthday because it falls in the early summer when the flowers are out and gardens are looking so, so beautiful. Will you come see?

My birthday is less than a week away from the Summer Solstice. This turning of the Wheel of the Seasons is all about our connections to water, the rivers, lakes, and oceans, and to the gods and goddesses who rule them. Blue and turquoise are the colors for this season. Please come in and see how the garden and the Great Wheel conspired in beauty for me this week:

Oh! And look! There is someone behind the flowers...

Why, it is two of my studio friends! They have been hanging out with me lately as I have been designing their clothes. I call it a Single line Doodle.

Here is a close-up (albeit a fuzzy one). I started at his heart and then moved out to the squiggle, on to some swirls, and leaves, and more squiggles. The trick is to never lift one's pen from beginning to end and fill the whole area with designs and writing - anything you like!

Both of these puppets are made of two triangles about 9" tall. I cut separate heads, hair and hands. I used doublestick tape to affix them to their sticks and planted them in an empty flower pot.

Well, let's have some cake, all right?
My birthday table has rose petals from another part of our garden, and that lucious cake was made by Boynton-McKay Restaurant on Main Street in Camden, Maine. I ordered it especially and one of the owners and her daughter invited me in back to help decorate it with these georgous flowers. Don't worry, it was after hours and I wasn't in the way at all. Boynton-McKay is one of Camden's hot spots, keeping locals and visitors well fed and happy.

Aren't the flowers great?

And look at this rose petal - it is a heart!
Will you have a slice? Look at all of these layers!! I love this cake! Perfect, perfect for a party. Thank you, Susan!

Later today, as a treat, some friends and I are going to go to Pizza Hut to support their very generous partnership with A Family For ME - the adoption program in the state of Maine to match children and families. If you are in Maine from 4 - 8 PM on June 16th, I hope that you will join us!!

Now I would love to give you a party favor. If you leave me a comment or write to me at then I will send you one of the little packages I have... there are a couple of ATCs, a tiny book or two, a couple of postcards and some other treats from my studio. I have 21 little packages to mail out, because ... well ... I am over 21!

Thank you so much for spending some of my day with me. Send me a note and I will send you your little birthday gift!