Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snow and Art

Art and Snow.
This is about what it comes down to up here in certain weeks. Here's the view SW out our back door:

Pretty, yes? Wet and heavy, so: not such a peach to shovel, but glorious to look at. And here is the view SE:We don't actually have a dog. I think faeries live there now. Or wood sprites. Someone like that.

As for the art side of things, making Artist Trading Cards at the Rockport Public Library was so much fun last year (the book is still available: there is a book button over there on the left) that we are continuing this year with Art At The Library. Iris, my artist-librarian cohort wrote a lovely blog about it, and she remembered to bring her camera. Click the link to see what we did with needlefelting our ATCs yesterday afternoon.

We have 4 months of artist journaling coming up. Please do sign up at the library as space for these 4 workshops will be limited. Iris and I were planning yesterday. And smiling. This is gonna be so much fun. There will be a very short supply list at the library desk for those who sign up - mostly recyclables and a couple of basics that are probably in your art stash already. See you then.

In my own art world I have been working on another embellished art quilt in my Prayers series. I have been dragging myself through it for ages. This has been one of those lows we artists hit now and again. Or at least this is what I am telling myself. Sometimes the lifeswing ... well, I don't know. That was one smack upside the head of a holiday season. It has taken me a week of fever to haul myself out. (Waldorf educational theory has an idea about fevers and broken bones releasing negative energy...) I am not entirely sure what to do with what I have learned: sew it into the Prayer, I guess. But I think that I am not knocking against walls anymore, which is something of an emotional bonus, to say nothing of the physical relief.

I'd show you the applique work so far, but I don't think that I will challenge my dial-up service any more this morning, so watch for those pictures later.

There is an orange-y ochre, a very dark brown, and a dark red. Not my usual colors. But I guess this isn't my usual prayer.

Hi to all my cousins. - The other lovely piece of artwork I have been working on is a family tree that is scrunching all of the ancestors from Poncet and Eugenie (who arrived in the Colonies from France in 1645)(that would be the Dutch colony in N America) down to our grandparents into the lower trunk, and then letting the cousins and seconds and now a couple of baby third cousins branch out all over the page. Family trees are very pretty. I'm still in the sketching stage as two cousins are getting ready to email me their family stats - aren't you?

See ya later.