Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whoooopee! We - I - we are in the newspaper! CHECK IT OUT!!: (It is an article about our Art At The Library program in general and the Artist Journal classes in particular.)
How fabulous is that?

Thank you Dagney!!

And just because 'what is an art-blog without photography?' here is a little eye candy for you:

And another:

These are all 11" square and on display in an office in nearby Rockland.

The beads and medallions in these pieces are blends of polymer clay. The tiny beads are 14K goldfill.

And the one here: Hope Bird has hand drawn #6 (shrinky dink) plastic medallions. Let me go get the Bird ..

The sewing on these three is all by hand.

So listen: if you are anywhere near Rockport, and any sort of an interested paper artist or diarist (is that a word?) you gotta come to our, now well publicised, Artist Journal Classes at the Library. Call them, 236-3642, and sign up. If we hit our max, I have promised Molly that I will teach the class again this summer. Yum.