Sunday, April 17, 2011

Come to Paint Papers with me.

From May 2nd to May 23rd I am teaching a class at Five Towns Adult Ed, here in Rockport, all about lavishing brilliant acrylic paint on paper.

Here's the info:

Why paint on paper rather than on stretched canvases? Well, because it is less expensive, and thus gives us a lot more freedom to play. And this is the point of this class. Oh, sure: you'll get bunches of info to take to your next acrylic painted canvas, but the work we'll do layering color on paper will give you rich, fabulous papers with which you can collage, decorate, scrapbook, art journal and design. I will show you some simple bookbinding and card design to get you going.
There is still some room left. I am really looking forward to 4 weeks of pure play. (And you will have a ton of georgous papers to take home with you so that you can play on, and on, and on...!)