Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art Quilts

There is a lovely peace that comes with beading. A sweet rhythm of counting the beads: "One and two and three and oh! and umm." (The oh! being a slight intake of breath as my needle picks up the accent bead and the umm a gentle release as I add the last 'knot' bead to a line of beads that will hang down from the edges of the applique.

The meditation for this piece is about foundations. I hired a business coach. Now with so much new information to assimilate with what I have known for truth all these years, my head is busy and buzzing. Where do I belong? What is happening to me? Where have my feet gone? I wanted to know, and years of experience has taught me that my fingers will find the answers in my stitches.

So I stitch colors to colors and beads in lines to lead my eyes ... and at the end I always know.

I am teaching a version of these quilts at Adult Education this fall. I long to have your company. We will discover what is rich and wonderful in you - or you can just sew a little quilt. They are so pretty. Like jewels. If you are local to mid coast Maine click here to sign up - 4 Thursday evenings in October.