Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chang E is delayed

Ooooh! Noooo!

I have received my second proof of Chang E. There is a mistake. We are not entirely clear why the revisions that we sent did not complete properly. One of the pages is incorrect. Phooey! It is some combination of a human misunderstanding of a computer program that was problematic and then, we thought, corrected. Oh. >sigh<

It probably doesn't matter. It is just an error to fix. An opportunity to breathe deeply. Find God (Whomever.) Practice my stitches as I enter into the work for my next book. (Yes, the next one is another art/craft How-To book, this one blissfully about stitching, one of my very favorite activities here on Planet Earth.)

I have been sooo on edge, so excited. I really love this Chang E story - I love the way we (the families-by-adoption group) have been telling it to our little crowd of children for years. How sweetly the littles have grown up to be big kids and now have joined in to read the book aloud to the new little kids in our group.

I want you to see it. The colors are so pretty. The heroine so strong, the hero so brave. Qualities I am honored to bring as a gift in this story. And clearly patience and a willingness to see to the details are also gifts from this story. I can do this. Not much more than another week to see this third proof through its process.

Breath. I will sew, wash dishes, what is it - chop wood, carry water. Different chores but the same process: look for blessings in the 'what-is'.

I can do this.