Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh! We had a great time yesterday at the Studio with Cate Wright, our visiting artist. Cate is a great teacher and taught us how to make the coolest beaded circle earrings.
Here are two of us beading away:
Here is my pair of finished earrings:And here is a picture of another pair.
One of the next classes coming up is going to be so much fun. It is called Art Architecture, will take place on the morning of August 14th, and you can sign up here. So: it is kind of about making dollhouses or Gnomie Homes, but if you are mostly grown up and your dolls already have houses, then maybe you need an altar, or a garage for your pocket sized cars, or a cubby for some special objects?
Check out this village:

Notice the very awesome use of recyclables?? We like to call it Trash Fashionable Housing.Here is the clothespin Lady of the House welcoming you. Come into the Studio any weekday morning to take a closer look at the village. The materials are very inexpensive and the process is pretty simple. A parent and child team may pay as one. Love to see you there.