Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I am taking a class wherein we are making protective covers for books. This might be the kind of thing that I would expect that I knew how to make by now, but our teacher is very talented and takes a lot of pleasure in making her edges straight and having her corners match up. This is something I am not so patient with, and also there is the added bonus of having other artists to play with. Great.

We started out learning how to make a portfolio. Here is the back of mine, all neat and lovely.But then on the front I got overeager and slopped glue in the wrong place - see over there in the left hand corner? OFO: Opportunity For Ornament.

We were then supposed to glue ties into the center edges of both front and back to tie the book closed. Well, I had had too much fun with vertical bindings lately so I adjusted that direction, and glued my closure ribbon under a Model Magic (a Crayola brand air-dry clay) medallion that I had made by rubber stamping it and painting it gold with a leafing pen.Then I couldn't stop. I made pockets inside. The one on the right holds another paper bag journal, and the one on the left holds some decorative elements:I had the thought to use these painted paper and thread elements in the book, but I just got going on the pages ...

So that was fun.