Saturday, October 16, 2010

Birthday Party Art Village.

Oh! Yay! It was birthday party time today!

Sunne Spot was invited to provide the entertainment for a lovely 8 year old's birthday party today. Her mom chose the Art Architecture project. At the end everyone gathered the houses into a fabulous little village of the coolest and most avant garde architecture that you have ever seen.
There were roof-top star gazing platforms, origami wallpaper, and one clothespin person got wings!
Below you can see a balltop tree, a lovely pin doll with naturally curly blue hair, a spinning silver ball hanging from the ceiling, a front door jingle bell, dollies with pink tissue paper skirts and metallic tops, and glass bead stepping stones leading to second floor stairs.
Down at this end of the village one house has a bejeweled rooftop, and a chimney with smoke coming out of it. Blue carpets and glass drops on the stairs furnish one house and just on the left edge of the photo you can see how the Birthday Girl hung a star from the peaks of her roof.
Oh, there is the angel next to his second floor ladder.
In the back left of the first picture you can see the armoured castle and below is the back where there is a ladder that takes one from floor to floor.
What a champion collection of child architects and their artistic parents! Everyone came up with such wonderful ideas for their houses - and each house was such an excellent voice for these parent and child teams.
Thanks to the mom and her daughter. Love to you! A good time was had by all. :)
If you ever want to throw an Art Party, just let me know. Visit the link at the top of this post or email me. (We discussed how this would make a great grown-up party too!)