Friday, April 23, 2010

The Artistic Mother

I have joined an art group. Read all about it here:
I just got the book: The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole and will start on the projects and then keep you posted here. It is a nice concept. Y'know: that art makes us stronger, gentler people and that we, as mothers, need those two qualities in large amounts, daily.

Actually, I already know this. You know this too. But I wanted to see what everyone else was coming up with... and also challenge myself with some new projects.

Although I am never really at a loss for new ideas. Here is my latest: I needed a new checkbook cover so I had a bit of fun with scraps from my "yellow" box.

Here is the front:

And the whole outside:

And the inside - complete with penholder.So, listen. My life is changing. Befriend me on facebook ("Robinsunne Ismyfullname") (They kept asking for my full name - but Robinsunne is my full name!) and you will get all of the minute clues along the way. So far, there are many ducklings to get in a row, and I am not ready to let on about the whole big secret just yet. But stay tuned.
In all that is changing, my blog will be changing too. I will still be here - just in a new-ishy way. These projects with The Artistic Mother will be my last Oh-guess-what-I-did-today type posts.
Keep an eye out. So much fun to be had.