Thursday, March 25, 2010

Choosing (a) God

I was challenged the other day to know whether God loved us. I said that I couldn't believe in a god who didn't.

So, I got to thinking about that. Imagine that the gods were lined up to apply for the job of being my god. I have a mental picture of the scene: YHWH, Ganesh, Bridget, Quan Yin, Kali, Zeus, Jesus, Allah, Astarte, y'know: a long string of the all-powerful and omnicient. I have a clipboard and am asking some questions: What is your definition of Love? How do you deal with Human Error? Would you be willing to use me as a channel for bringing your Blessings to Earth? Are you available for comfort calls in the deepest, darkest night? What creative act are you most proud of? What role do the arts play in your daily worship? How much do you love me and my kids?

Now I will tell you: the minute I start getting answers that include shame and violence I direct the applicant over to the tea and thank-you-for-your-time table. Thunderbolts are a weather pattern not a teaching tool. Patience is a necessity for us humans. They are gods, I am guessing that they have infinate resources: I expect them to use them, not just sit around cataloging their assets. One of them is not willing to shed good red blood for my family? It is a handshake and good-bye for Him/Her.

Maybe Jehovah and Jupiter were the only options we had once upon a time, but this is the age of the internet. There are a lot of choices out there. I want Someone who will teach with kindness and comfort with passion. And if the answer to that last question about how much they Love doesn't include some explanation about travel to the ends of the known and unknown Universe then I will keep looking. I love my kids that much. I certainly expect the same from my God/dess.