Friday, June 29, 2007

photographs! ... ?

Here are the iris from the other morning, I hope:

Yay! It worked! All I needed was high speed.

O.K. then, Here are the pictures of my foam board projects:

This first one is of the carving itself. As I said the other day, I only had a rather old exacto knife with me that day and this carving was my result.

But then I took it home and spray painted it. Spraypaint melts foamboard. Eew, environmentally speaking, but kind-of interesting as an effect.

Well, that's about all the blog excitement that I can stand for one day: learning how to upload pictures. See ya.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

carved heart

Well, I carved as best as I could, but what with one thing and another, today was not the day to quiz the hardware folk, so I used a rather dull exacto and was somewhat pleased. See here:

Iris Morning: Project Day

Oooh! And what a gorgeous day it is too! Midsummer days at their best... clear and sunny and full of ... full of ... everything for us. I have been stunned by the beauty of our iris this last week. This precise blue-purple against the early green of summer keeps catching my breath. And we have so many, many of them. Yay. O. Yay

So: today's project: I have seen foam insulation board carved and painted into shapes and plaques, and I have tried to mimic the look but so far have managed to make a miserable mess of airborne blue bits which take me ages to clean up. So we will make a pilgrimage to the hardware store and see what ideas that they might have. I have been pondering the question of "What are my symbols?", and got to thinking that this medium might be a good one to work on some answers.

Breakfast done we will go draw some iris and then query the gentle foam board proprietor folk and then come home to make a mess, uh, I mean art.

I worked this morning on my beaded ribbon for the book. This is the angels one. I had an idea yesterday for the book. Less words, more art. I think that that might work.