Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Art Dolls

Someone wanted to see some of my "wild" art dolls so I thought that I would show a couple of them here:
This first one is from the Grieving Angels Series:
And a close up of her lovely free motion machine stitching:Another Grieving Angel. Their arms are embroidery floss wrapped sticks, and their hands are tassels of floss. For the soft touch I wanted, I think. I adore their faces. This doll stands a bit taller than the angels, about 20" tall. Her body is painted muslin but her face is just the cloth. Her heavily patched robe has been burned. Think metaphor here. These dolls were all made in the early 1990's. And that party had only just begun.This doll is angry. Her hands, her means of expression, are all tied in knots. She has a headache. She is screaming.


(I am exhausted just having taken their photographs. Such stories they tell.)

Thank you for having come on over to look.