Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Continuation of the Crayon Paper Adventure

The thrill continues: these were my tools yesterday: regular crayons like the article described. Then I thought that I would try cray-pas pastels and Portfolio's water color oil pastels as well - just to see what happened. Well the cray-pas and especially the water/oil pastels are such a dream to lay down color with.
Then I sprayed again with my watered acrylic ... and rubbed it in with a paper towel.
See? See? Nice rich colors with that muting of the blue.
Like a goof I ironed it under freezer - not parchment - paper. (It all stuck together.) And it also came off on the freezer paper - so I am going to stitch on that too. Later.
Then the article said to crumple the paper to soften it.
Then I machine stitched it onto a backing of acrylic felt:
Drew gold dots and then hand stitched. I like it.
So tomorrow I will go back to the original crayon paper (see the post below) and draw/spray/stitch into that.
Really, very nice texture and muting/blending softening of color, yeah?