Monday, October 11, 2010

What I Should (or shouldn't) Be Doing

Well, first of all Sunne Spot will be open today. I would love to see what art you have up your sleeve. :)

And second of all, this is what I should be doing: It is the crayon paper that I am using to answer the question: "How do you know when you are done?" I have finished the painting for now (after the machine and hand stitching, after the writing and paper cutting, after the original crayoning). I am ready to get to the beading with my tiny little size 12 needles.

But I got distracted. While I was at my desk I flipped through an old issue of Cloth Paper Scissors to an article by Beryl Taylor about layering papers. It was soooo yummy.
I had to see what I could do with my painted brown paper bag papers.
And then I hand stitched and beaded them together. I couldn't stop myself.
"Help! I'm hunched over zillions of pretty paper bits and I can't tear myself away!"
This is so thrilling. I even brought my 14K goldfil and sterling silver beads. I brought in some georgous stone beads too. One whole table is covered in small paper stacks of .. yes .. juciness.
I backed them with sticky craft foam which almost made them into pins or jewelry of some kind ...
But I think that they might be better on some kind of art quilt ...
Or painting ...
I might have come up with an idea ... I am taking a class on the Bible (who me??!!). I have been pondering on the culture and religious climate of the middle east before Jacob got rich and had all of those boys, before Abraham got headed out on his Walkabout, before Adam lost control of Lilith ...
I have been planning a piece that might need a few little color jewels around the edge ...
To pay homage to the goddess who was there before. Just to get my spiritual ancestry clear.

This is seven kinds of luscious.
Come in to see.