Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chang E is at the printer

I am waiting ... waiting ...

Chang E, my newest Picture book, is now completely uploaded and at the printer. So, I wait for the final proofreading and O.K.

I thought that in the meantime I would update my website and some other places. So I am at the library where they have a much faster internet connection ... except that it is not working very fast today.


I am working on a new handmade book and some ATCs while I wait.

So here is an ATC journal that I made about a year ago.
And here is a new handmade journal that I started working on last night.

Above you see it closed with a thread loop and rose quartz bead. Lovely handmade paper from our local art store.

Below it is open. I have sewn the signatures at quite a distance apart on purpose - so that I will be able to add lots of 3-dimensional treasures. It will keep me busy and keep me from getting too impatient while I wait for the final proof of Chang E.