Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday News

First: I made a collograph plate here in the Studio the other day. Now to print it in the traditional way I would ink it and press or rub a sheet of paper on top. So far I have only used it with crayon rubbings - to lovely effect. I want to try water-based oil pastels next ... then I will varnish it to prep it for some ink/paint printing.
Next: I want to show you some acrylic painted/printed papers that I made - or started to make yesterday.
Just delicious, I think. I may work some more on them, more layers, more colors...
I think that these will end in some new book structures. I was rambling around in my library at home and found a fabulous book by Michael Jacobs called Books Unbound. He is a very precise artist (unlike moi) but has some wonderfully complex book structures that include fold-outs with multiple spines, portfolios and pockets, and very exciting closures.
This morning I will be experimenting with some watercolor techniques from a book called Paper Transformed by Julia Andrus. Spraying, staining, blotting, texturizing...
Bring a sheet of watercolor paper and come play with..