Thursday, August 26, 2010

India Journal In Continuation

You stayed tuned!
Hi again.
I figured out what I would do for binding strength and flexibility. Now, I have been home and had a chance to raid my fabric stash, but I thought that I would give this a try: window screening. (!) There are my cover boards all laid out ... and below are some papers to cover the insides of the boards ... but I needed something yummy - and long - for the outside ...
So I got out a brown paper bag and started scraping on some gesso and then some color.
The blues were too similar so I added a bit of white to smush around. Nice big, gross motor movement here.
While that was drying I glued the cardboard to the inside paper.
And now that the boards are drying under a stack of magazines I stenciled the paper for a bit more interest and activity.
Now that is drying and I am here writing to you.
Oh! I meant to tell you: I am calling this my India Journal because the little journal that I am copying was made in India. Mine of course, is being made here in Maine, USA. but that would be a less fun, thrilling, exotic name for me. (Now if I lived in India ...)
More tomorrow when everything dries. No, I have a class in here tomorrow ... well, I'll figure something out. I think that I will get to the binding tomorrow. I will draw you little pictures and how-tos. Then you can comment and link to what happens when you do this.
Stay more tuned.