Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hello Gentle Artists.

Well, I am here today to make an announcement: I am moving my studio back home. This studio on Route One was in many ways a dream come true. And yet, the timing isn't quite correct.
So here are some of my plans:
***To continue as an art party and retreat planner. Please call me (207-323-1629) and we will work out something wonderful for you.
***To continue teaching classes at community and retail venues in the area.
***To get back to writing books: craft how-to books.
***To re-engage my presence.
***And certainly to keep blogging. :)
I liked working with all of you who came to the Studio very much. That was fun and something I hope to do again someday. The short answer is that I need my schedule to be dictated by my homeschooling demands. Blessed Be.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Art Journal 1231

I worked on binding my journal for Dawn Sokol's 1231 journal making class over the weekend: I was able to work out the math for a cross stitch binding for both of the journals. The blue one had two signatures...
and it also has all of these great flip open pages. Lots of room to work.
The green one has three signatures, and I wasn't sure that I could make the stitches work, but they did. Yay. I like how they look. The spines are structured with duct tape - DID YOU KNOW that Wxxxxxx (THAT store) has a zillion (OK, like 15) colors of duct tape? I never imagined! Flourescent colors, and teal, and bright red, and hot-rod-flame and even a tye-dye pattern. Now I have to go check out the local hardware stores to see what they have...
The covers of the big green journal have modeling paste/spackle stars on them. I painted them gold for the long winter nights ahead.
Oh! And we have a new benefactress: she brings us wire spools. They are free and you are welcome to come stake a claim on one or two. Tables? Chairs? Bookshelves in the round? A spine for a book or a scroll? What would you do with one??
And I am thinking of making a Knitting Spool with the cardboard tube. Make hats, or blankets...
Did you know that Sunne Spot will be open all during Thanksgiving week? (Except the day itself.) Sunne Spot can also be rented for parties, and even inpromptu gatherings. What are you doing with your in-laws all week? Call me. We'll set up a couple of hours for ornament or present making: 323-1629

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homeschool News

We had a lovely bunch of homeschoolers at the Studio today. One child took a look at the paper chains hanging from the ceiling and directed us hither: so we spent some time figuring them out.

A colorful tabletop of bits and pieces: A lavender and violet chain:
In the top photo, the red-green-lightblue chain belonged to the boy who's interests we were following. I love working with other people. We all have our own perspectives (of course) and when I work alone I can go some distance before I reach the end of my view, but still: I can't push any further than what I can perceive from where I stand. None of us can. Its only natural. So then when you all come into my studio and you are working from your point of view, if we are paying attention (and I mean that spiritually and emotionally, as well as intellectually) then I get to travel to your horizon.
Teaching is often portrayed as one know-it-quite-a-lot pours facts into the brain of somebody less knowing. I keep finding, both in homeschooling my own children and in opening my studio to others, that if I make it more like a walk that we are taking together then I get gifts to take home too. Plus, you are sooo smart, and creative. I love learning from you.
So the boy who took us all on this paper chain walk today put one of his almond/mandorlas on the side - which looked cool, but set the construction of the chain askew. I knew that there had to be a way to reconfigure the link. I used up a few little papers (as Thomas Edison would have said) figuring out how not to do it, and then I figured it out. We worked it into his chain and when he was setteled, I went off to personally test the properties of this new link.
When I had a few pieces tucked into a chain I held it up to show everyone .. and then it slipped out of place .. and into this marvellous curve. Check it out:
Oh. My. Heavens.
A whole new Point Of View. Thanks, J!
The rest of the room was working on crayon paper. I wish that I had had the presence of mind to take a second picture of the later stage of this mother-daughter picture. The part after the acrylic wash and crumpling. But here, earlier, it was already an intriguing piece. Maybe they will bring it back next time they visit the studio to show us. Yum.
So. I am blessed by your presence. It was a good day.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Catch Up

I have been at work on a couple of different projects. I am in Dawn DeVries Sokol's 1231 Art Journal class again this year. Making journals to get us through the end of the year. Here are two sets of the collaged and painted covers. A small one in blue: And a bigger one in green:
Binding is actually done on them and next come the signatures...
I also wanted to show you how the big crayon paper piece is going.

Golden beads:
and some blue seed bead filler:
A different kind of bead filler pattern:
I have a great little fringe going - I will have to get some process photos to show you.
Hey, I have a question: I want to try using corporate publishing (rather than self publishing) for my next craft how-to book. Does anyone out there have information on how to find an agent? I will appreciate any suggestions on how to cull the Google possibilities.

Friday, November 5, 2010

a morning of color

Good morning for painting at the Studio. Please do come share in the fun. It is all play - to shake the sillies out: I have been beading all week. :)
So: 461 Commercial Street - that is Route One. I am upstairs in the red, big, Cheese Co. building just up from Fresh Farm. 8:30 - noon.
Come play. This is good for us to look at color for a while.