Friday, October 26, 2007

Website Updates

Good Day!
I have been working madly on a new page for my website: Robinsunne's Multiplication Clock. Here it is all completed. Directions - full, complete, free directions - are at my website

One day I was teaching and - this sounds a little woo-woo, but its true - there, in my mind's eye was the RMC as a fairly whole picture. It seemed a natural for folks who wanted to practice their multiplication tables. One would draw out twelve circles for each of the twelve times tables and write in the numbers corresponding, 1. to their place around the circle of the clock, and 2. to their place out from the center of the clock.

So a student who already mostly knows their multiplications gets a chance to do a little geometry, and measurement, and gross motor movement, (it is 18" x 24"), and best of all: coloring. I am learning that repetition is the deep secret to learning a thing, and if the repetition can be spiced up with some other neural pathways then the learning goes all that much better.

I also have a philosophy about how art makes everything whole and complete, but more on that later.

My plan, now that I took some time to do a nice one to show off on the website, now that I know what goes into making the edges even, the numbers correct, and the sheer bliss of laying color down onto paper, is to get all of the high school and college students making a RMC. O.K., adults too. It is more delight than even I knew! It is also more challenging the more one knows. Getting those numbers all beautifully written, choosing colors, making perfect circles. And now I want to make one in fabric - like a quilt. I want to see someone do one in paint too. Or wood. Or, or, or ...

So, go to the flickr group site to post photos of how yours turned out:

And my web pages also got some new photos here and there in the last few days. And there are now links to subscribe to my newsletter which will always contain at least one new art project to do with yourself, or share with your family and friends.

Busy week at SunneSpot Central ...



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