Monday, January 21, 2008

I love, you love Valentine

First off, I want you to be proud of me: I did NOT spend acres of money at the bead shop this week, but called them and had them send me just the two vials of beads that I needed. I spent $4 on shipping which was less than I would have spent on the gas to get there. Yay me.
So I have been sewing away on my latest project: I love, you love Valentine. It gets its name from the drawing on the cloth that I did where I made a border out of the declension of the verb "to love". (I love, you love, she loves, they love ...) I have a couple of ideas about including some "reconfigured trash", but for now I am still in the beading stage. Here is a view of one of the corners: (those center, dark, sort-of maroon/fuchsia beads are the ones that came in the mail this week!)

Now this is what I keep calling 'line beading' in my mind: one stitch, one bead, all in a line. It is very mediitative and I love it. Onward! I'm off to bead. Remember Martin Luther King. Here's an idea: What would you say to him if you could sit and talk to him for a bit? I think that I would thank him for his dream and for being willing to go public with it. I would tell him about my dream. And I would also ask him about his history with infidelity and all. Why do we work like that?: all full of good ideas in one part of our lives and all, well, without faith in other parts of our lives. It is something that I think about. As I bead and all. Have a good Monday.


xn28z+ said...

Hi Robinsunne. Thanks for sharing your art-time with us...and also your thoughts.

If I had some time to talk with Dr. King, I guess I'd ask him what his favorite piece of art is !

Anonymous said...

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