Thursday, February 28, 2008

ATC Success

Last night at the library swap was great! Lots and Lots of folks showed up, and we had to get out more tables, and we stayed late, and a children's table developed that was cozy and inspiring for them, and people came from miles away, and, and ... Next month we will have more tables, a longer work time, and a really fun technique that looks so beautiful and is a total secret! Only Molly, the Librarian, and I know. You'll have to come and see!
You know, it would be fabulous if libraries all over hosted ATC Swaps - it wasn't hard to do - YOU could do this too!
1. I talked to the head librarian and showed her some samples, and some of my collage art and ATC books. She was thrilled at the idea of having dozens of people coming to the library, (they get money according to how many people use the library every year). And we will actually be using the library each month: especially for Poetry in April, and Maine history in July, I think, and so on. I agreed to teach a little bit each month, but its mostly just choosing one technique to demonstrate and then letting folks get on about their art.
2. We made a webpage and a schedule for the year meeting one evening a month. You can see ours at Feel free to copy some of our words and ideas! The library sent out a couple of press releases to local newspapers, and I know someone who has a community radio show who has invited me to speak next month.
3. You'll see that I am keeping the technique teaching every month pretty simple - a lot of cut and glue. The library has carpet everywhere and I don't want to be responsible for the spills or the expenses that paint and special products often entail. Last night all we did was magazine collage and everyone had a great time and could have stayed for hours!

Wouldn't it be great if wherever you travelled you could find libraries with ATC Swaps? It could give summer vacation a whole new twist!
I am off to bead.

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