Monday, February 25, 2008

ATC's - check these out!

Here are some of the ATC's that I will start passing out today. I love these little dollies. I got the idea from They sell these wonderful kits to make 3-D dolls, and in the kits are pewter arms and legs that go with the felted bodies. Too thick for ATC's, so I made my own out of cardstock. It felt odd not to gel or glaze them, but they wouldn't have moved if I had.

Here is a close-up of one of them:

And lastly for today is an ATC with a hand drawn face, a version of a "zetti" face, (you can google that if you are curious), a postage stamp with a clock because "The moment you love, you are unlimited.", the teatag saying, and some lucky numbers because lucky numbers are pretty unlimited too.

This photo is low resolution, and so you don't get, quite, that I covered it with that glass bead acrylic gel medium that I talked about yesterday: The backing is torn strips of very pretty origami paper, all glued down in its raggedy edged glory.

And so that is my story for today. Have a lovely, artful day. And DO ask me for an ATC if you see me today!

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Iris E. said...

Loving it, Robinsunne!!! Beautiful lovely works, every one!
And your kind words about the library...Nice to read.
We have a new project area downstairs thanks to a Herculean effort on my part to be a one-woman moving show! Jonas was delighted, but troubled that it only seemed to seat ONE (I assured him it would be cozy to sit with him there!)---he is a social artist! ;)
When will we schedule an art date together???