Monday, February 18, 2008

New Website page

Well, since beginning to work with the library I have been working on ATC's a lot. Paper collage mostly. I decided that my website needed an ATC dedicated page, so check it out: I put in some examples, and some techniques.
Oh! The masking tape technique on that page comes from a book by Nancy Welch called "Paper Craft". I think that it is out of print because I had to order it from the extended Amazon community. I reccomend it. The photos are well done, the writing is clear, and so far, the techniques are a lot of fun.
So listen, if you are in the area, or coming to Maine in the summer, please stop by the Rockport on the last Wednesday of the month to swap ATC's. I keep hearing from all over that folks will be by. Like that mom of a 7 year old said: this stuff is, (with all due respect to those of us in our communities who are recovering from chemical addictions), addicting. (Sort-of: but in a good way.) Sorry, that doesn't sound respectful at all. I think that this mom is having trouble getting her girl to go to bed at night, or do chores or something, (I so relate), because she is too busy making art. This comes close to "not a problem at all" in my thinking. Certainly not anything like the honorable and very difficult work that people do to heal from chemical dependency. Sweet F. is a good girl and I am sure finds time to have a life in between ATC's, and her mom was laughing when she told me about her art inspired daughter.
I didn't tell you, I started to do some beading again. I found myself breathing once more. I forgot that I feel like that. The word 'bead' comes from the root word for 'prayer'. I felt like I was remembering how to pray. >happy sigh<
And the last news for the day is that I have some artwork out and about:
The office of Dr. Aimee Davis at the Breakwater Building in Rockland, ME, has 5 pieces - and I bet that they wouldn't mind if you stopped by just to look. Two of them are in the Prayers Series. Lots of reconfigured trash. Very wonderful pieces. The headers on my website are sections of Prayers I.
Waterfall Arts in Belfast, ME, has "October Bird" - a beaded and trash embellished piece that I have been chatting about here on this blog since, um, October.
Next up is a piece that I will submit for jurying down in Portland, ME, and then I had better slow down on all of my volunteer art projects for a while as my studio is nearly empty of finished works! (YAY!!!!)
Have a lovely day.

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