Sunday, April 13, 2008

M is for memorabilia

Good Morning. Well, yesterday we had a Swap at the library - our first Saturday swap. About 30 people came again! Yay! It was a two hour swap this time and artists came and went within those two hours, which was nice I think, for everyone to be able to adapt the event to their day.

Iris the, was there in her Librarian Hat, but was really my ATC co-facilitator. Saturdays in general are busier than Wednesdays and we were thinking that two are better than one. Also our child-to-adult ratio was reversed with twice as many children as adults, and two leaders were helpful in that respect as well. So next month I will be her co-facilitator. We'll be switching back and forth.

Anyway, lots of fun was had, lots of art was made, quite a few cards got swapped, friendships were enhanced. Everyone left full and happy.

This morning I am thinking about my book again (I have to get back to the corrections and rewrite today) and so I have used one of my cards from yesterday to illustrate todays letter: M, which uses two of the lessons that are included in my book.

M stands for memorabilia.

This is a card that I made yesterday. I made a papercut (the March lesson) from regular scrapbook paper. The lesson in the book is easy and gives georgous results, but this one was tough because scrapbook paper is very thick and difficult to fold, but I like how it came out despite all that. I glued it to some mulberry paper that I had and then down on cardstock for strength. I cut a definition from my cut-able thesaurus, which I like because ATCs often take us back to times in our past and help us with our memories. I added a hand-made envelope (a lesson from the keep going section of my book) and filled it with some notes that I received yesterday that I want to save.

I wish you good times today which will stick sweetly in your memories. - R

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