Monday, April 21, 2008


I had to look up untoward - it means unruly. I think that I might get a little unruly.

I really love the creative process. I think that we should study it more, and certainly as a practice we should all just DO it more. Where we have to go to get the information in our brains, in our hearts, in our souls, and then assimilate it all to present a cohesive, meaningful piece:this journey not only brings us results, but the journey itself makes our brains smarter.

Now, if I was a brain scientist I could tell you this in a bunch of impressive language that might convince you how I was correct - but you know I am telling you a true thing. Art makes connections in our brains - blending color, and texture, and media, with thought and with emotion,: say "red yarn, and gold tinsel, and black pen line with a memory of the city when I was five". Those things don't necessarily go together until the pathways in my brain have the memory and bring that feeling out onto the paper. And once the synapses have fired along this new path my brain has grown stronger and more able. If I do it again tomorrow, I will be even stronger, even smarter.

There are some learning practices which only use one part of the brain - but art uses it all. And when I know how to connect right brain color with left brain words for a picture that I am sewing, when my right hand is very used to co-ordinating with my left hand, then I also have the brain pathways made for when I want a solution to a business problem or something else.

Being creative, artistic, musical is pretty unruly work. And that chaos makes us smarter.

Funny how that goes.

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