Thursday, April 24, 2008

X is for xyloid

Have you ever heard of that word? I never had - except that it comes from the same Greek root that xylophone comes from meaning "wood"! Xyloid means "of, relating to, or like wood". So some one could have a xyloid personality, or xyloid paneling on their station wagon, or, of course, a xyloid ATC. Here you go:

This is another lesson in my soon to be published book: The Great Library ATC Swap due out soon!! The book has over 30 lessons to help you and your Library ATC Swap group keep interested all throughout the year. I will tell you when it is ready! (I am excited! The book has turned out so well. It will be a joy and a help to all of you ATC artists and teachers, plus it has ideas which are easily brought into classrooms, and scout troops, and all places where handwork and conversation make good community. (Like libraries.)

One of my favorite quotes from our swaps is from a scout leader who said that this is the only activity that she has brought to her children that has goetten every child engaged!

Well, I am off to my day, but let me just say first that X is also for my best girl!

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