Monday, August 18, 2008

Fiddle Camp ATC giveaway...

Oh. I feel foolish.

The ATCs that I thought yesterday might have been stolen at Fiddle Camp were in a coat pocket which I found doing the laundry this morning. Oh dear. I am sorry to have gone so quickly to that place.

Well, to completely change the energy of this whole situation I am going to give them all away as gifts to you. I will picture them all below: if you like one just send me an email ( with your postal address and I will send it to you. (Maybe you had better give me a second choice just in case..) You will see that they have a musical theme going ... in honor of Fiddle Camp ...

I send these with wishes for your happiness:

#1 fiddle-faddle!:

#2 Susannah, don't you cry - the quote reads: "It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry" - !:

#3 The treasure of our passion:#4 Our Bounty:#5 And now I'm found - Amazing Grace is one of my most favorite songs... I can't wait to learn it on my violin:#6 How sweet the sound:#7 Keep Going! - This is encouragement that I heard, and that I think has some merit, and that I heeded at Fiddle Camp:#8 Strong Loving Peace - this is one of the cards that I made while I was teaching the ATC Specialty Workshop at Camp:#9 Come and sit by my side - I enjoyed quite a bit of adult time! (That's a parent joke.) Old and new friends. Oh yay. Also I was in the "Hawk" group, I know, this is a Kestrel/falcon, but not all that far off:#10 Skye Boat Song - Oh! My! I really like this song. It was the only one on the list that I learned before camp, and I learned it a bit off and so had to relearn it, but it is worth it. It is so beautiful. The quote reads: Speed bonny boat like a bird on the wing...:#11 Your Heart's Content - reads: "Fiddle to your Heart's Content":#12 You are the flower of Love #1:#13 You are the flower of Love #2:#14 Banjo Journey:#15 Cello Celebration - You shoulda heard those cellos and basses. Wow! They have such a rich sound. The classes would play for us, only cellos or only basses, and the sound was fantastic!:#16 Contra Dance Band:#17 When She Comes - the quote says: "She'll be coming around the mountain":# 18 'Tis a Gift to be free... - the quote on the front of the card reads: "tis a gift to be simple":

#19 Sing Me Something - guitars are all mixed up in my mind with singing, tho at Camp they often did instrumentals which were lovely: #20 Fiddly-I-Oh:#21 Hot Fiddles! - the caution warning label came from some of our sparklers this past July, and you shoulda heard some of those fiddles at Camp!:#22 Fiddle Travels - the background papers on these last two ATCs came from American Express credit card advertising that looks like luggage and passports!:#23 Don't you cry for me - a fitting end to my Fiddle Camp ATC saga if you take the title another way ... all is well:


Carol Westover said...

So glad you found you ATC's -- sorry to say, I'd have gone the same place you did in guessing that someone had taken them. I'm also very sorry that someone would think that a song book was there to be used 'literally' as material for collaging. --shudders here-- If I want to take passages from a book, I copy them or write them out in ink and then use that. I have a problem dealing with altered books, although they're very beautiful, it still seems sacreligious.

Jan said...

Hi Robinsunne,
you wrote to me on Fiber Arts/Mixed Media, asking if I wanted to trade ATC's. I have been gone but am back now and ready to trade. Will you write to me so we can trade addresses:
Do you still have the Kestrel ATC or the Flower of Love #1?

Anonymous said...

Hello...thank you so much!..I am interested in card#2 or Card#10.

my email is :
My address is: 220 So. Vista Bonita Ave. Glendora, California 91741

Thank you ahead of time.

Linda Williams

Aimeslee said...

Robin, don't feel bad. We've all been there with a false accusation or three at some time. Tis human. Love how you have rechanneled this. And I applaud your art, recycling rocks and it's also the hot new art now, from what I've been reading....its being called Green Art now...yup, go figure. My favorite thing to do is recycle the Geico gecko on my art, he's cool like James Bond, ya know?

Art On, Robin! :-)

Aimeslee said...

Oh and, if you wanna do a trade with me, I like #23...leave me a comment on my blog, or reply to the email I sent ya. :-)))