Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Gadgets!

(I get so excited about this stuff.)

If you check over there to the left you will see three new gadgets! Excellent Iris showed me at the Library yesterday how to figure it all out. You can now fly straight over to to check out and buy my ATC how-to book, and/or you can buzz directly over to my etsy shop (which will soon have some dreamy, Novembery, late autumnish treats from this Sunday's blog party!!!) AND/or you can meet our All-Hallows Blog Party Hostess: Ms. Kathryn Antyr at her blog party, and get all of the links to the other parties to visit!

I just feel so smart. And contemporary. And I'm sure I know 1/10th of what you know. Still: I am proud of myself for learning new, cool stuff. Especially because I have been working hard - or playing a lot - at getting this party ready!

Want another sneak peek or two?

O.K. ... wait a moment ... I just put on some Andreas Vollenweider music, "Book of Roses" which I got at one of the library book sales last summer. Listen, breathe, relax, I'll be back soon.
Here we are. So, first came the dreaming ...
Planning the party atmosphere with some of the guests ...We have been making decorations. (I am a Geminii. I can use the royal "we" with myself.)

And, quite precisely: I haven't been the only one making party decorations this season ...But I have been working on some particular embellishments!See you Sunday morning, on the button!

1 comment:

morningDove said...

you are smarter than me with computer knowledge. love the work you are showing. Bright and cheery. I don't know how to do all the blog party stuff. Can't even remember what I learned a year ago.
You're looking great, keep going.