Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have been sewing, and embroidering, and beading, and have one movie and one book to pass along. But before I do, let me tell you of a career milestone here:

I got an email two days ago from Gina Brown, who, with her co-author Sandra Salamony, is writing a book called 1000 Artisan Textiles for Quarry Books. Gina wanted to personally invite me to submit. Wow.

She had seen my work in the Lark book !Molas! and found me on the internet and here we are. Wow, again. Breathe. Submit - of course!

Well, let me show you a bit of stitchery:
This first one I called "asteroids" - I'm reading a book called Earth: The Biography. It is sooo interesting and amazing. So asteroids are on the brain a bit. This one will get beads for sure, but no trash as yet.

However, the next one is getting nice and chunky with all manner of plastic, card and metal refuse: see the chocolate coin wrapper? The plastic pill packaging? The fake credit card? The inventory code strip? The plastic coated wire? It keeps me entertained.

And here is the book I spoke about in the 1st paragraph: Sarah Vowell's The Wordy Shipmates. I have an audio book version. A lovely way to get a chunk of history. Hilarious. Reverent. She, Sarah Vowell, reads this audiobook, her speaking voice adding perfect layers to her written voice. (Also some other actors' voices including Dermot Mulroney's. Yum. Really. I'd be pleased to hear the man read the phone book.)

And the movie: Lost in Austin. Pride and Prejudice re-work. Not purist Jane Austin, but lovely and romantic. Heroine gets pulled into the book, chaos ensues, several happy endings. >sigh<

I am teaching a bunch of children how to sew doll clothes today. Bringing lunches, fabric, thread, buttons... Just settling in for the day.

I am bringing my own Waldorf style doll of course. (Yes, I know, she needs her hair. I need to knit, wet, and unravel some black wool to get it nice and curly for her. Thanks, Pam! Long and luxurious, Whoopie.)

But today: another dress for my dollie. Hard to tell who will have more fun: the children, me, or my doll. :)

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Gina said...

Congratulations on being asked to submt work for a new book. I have the book on Molas... will have to take another look! I like the stitched asteroids.