Monday, August 3, 2009

bead ribbons

It has been all about bead ribbons lately ... yeah, that and messed up computers. Thus: the long blogging vacation.
But lots of beads!


Art4Sol said...

Welcome back!

Juliet A said...
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Juliet A said...

lovely, but what will you do with it? I love beading, but I don't wear enough jewelry to justify all that I make.

Robinsunne said...

Well, how about these ideas?

Choose how you will display your ribbon: perhaps along the hem of a curtain, or the edge of your journal. Depending on the kind of beads used in your ribbon it may have some light sensitivity or be un-washable. And of course its length will also help define how you use it, but here are some more ideas:

As (or on) a belt
As a necklace or a bracelet (tied or add a clasp)
Across the top of a door as a swag
The edge of an ATC or other piece of art
Draped across the top of a bureau
Around the hem (neckline, sleeves) of a garment
Pinned into your hair
Poured into/out of a small countertop bowl or basket
Sewn onto the edge of a handmade purse
Sewn onto a pillow
Hung on your wall, with a fabric (paper?) backing