Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Accordion Book Hinge Part II

Well ... here are the results:
I would say that those are too many glue warpings. Huh. Does anyone know: is there a better kind of glue to use? Would the warps flatten out if I left them under the books overnight (instead of for only 1/2 an hour?)

Now that pale green/contrasting fabric is really noticeable. I would want to use fabric that was the width of both pages and whose pattern or color really added to the statement of the book. For now I like better the matching blue:And here is the book all folded up:I think that I will fill the book and post about that later.

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Juliet A said...

Elmer's white glue on paper? NO!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a very nice paste called YES paste that is good for this. Rubber cement works, too. There are varying strengths of double stick tape that are appropriate for paper and cardstock. Elmers has a new wrinkle-free glue you can buy now, too.

There are a lot of good adhesives for paper. White glue is not one of them, unless you want the end result to look wrinkly and sloppy.

Robinsunne said...

Thanks, Juliet! Just what I needed.

Robinsunne said...

So, Juliet, where do you stand on using gel medium with paper?