Monday, October 12, 2009

I Was Interviewed by Laura Bray

I have just finished an online class from Laura Bray called Multiple Streams of Income. Well, that is to say that the class is over, but I am not finished: I am going to be pouring over my class materials and learning from it for a very long time I think.

Laura is a great teacher, filled the 4 weeks with lots of information and really got me seeing all kinds of new options for my work. We were given lots of ways to view our livlihoods, and really asked to exercise and brainstorm our way through the possibilities with the company of others - worlwide. Very good.

Laura asked me for an interview at the end of class: read it here on her blog.

I would recommend her classes to any of you out there, not just artists.


Laura Bray said...

Thanks for being such great guest Robinsunne!

Anonymous said...

That sounds exciting, Robinsunne!
I just want to thank you for the
lovely painted piece and the extras!..Good luck with your Progress book!
gypsylulu (jean eggleton)