Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Journal II

Oh! Here we go: The front cover of my December Art Journal: For me there has always been a big wind-up to the actual day. So I thought that I might just come out and name the journal after what is going on for me this month. Although, I am not much of a Christian anymore. I was raised that way, but as I grow older I find the Wiccan Winter Solstice traditions to have more meaning. I could have named my journal that ... but I think that I have some exploring to do here. So I am O.K. with the cover as it stands.

Here is the back cover. I am liking the bird.
And now for some of the interior pages. The page on the right is a brown paper bag that I stamped, drew, collaged, and sewed for some ATC backgrounds. I love it and this was about all that there was left.And a close-up of that green page - see that wrinkly part at the top? Well, when the paint below was pretty dry but the red paint on top was still a bit wet, I scrunched up a tissue and blotted the paint a few times. I love the texture.
And! And, do you know what? I often find acrylic painted pages to be kind of rough and bumpy - not excellent for journaling - but when I was painting the page above, and these two below, I streaked the paint down and around with tissues: it made them wonderously smooth!

You probably knew that. Well, as I said, there is always something more to learn.
How about this page? I made it with Traci Bautista's Collage Unleashed technique of dying paper towels and then transferring the dye to white paper.

A page made from an old map:

The center pages are all of a paper doily that I could get to fit. They are so fragile. I may have to come up with a scheme to make them stronger. I am waiting to see what I write/art on them first.

Three yummy photos of two pages that I painted and then stuck against each other - when I pulled them apart (immediately) they made all of these little "prarie grasses" marks.


And here: (tilt your head to the left to get the prarie grass feel)

This page on the right I painted, rubbed smooth, and then dragged glitter paint across.

So how much fun do you think I will have journaling this month?!



susans said...

Wonderful background pages. I love the grass one.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This is so incredibly wonderful!!! I have studio time today, and I might try just doing some papers instead of a big project.
I'd like to say which page is my favorite, but they ALL have their own charm, so I love the whole of it!
Beautiful post and I am glad someone is having time for art at this hectic part of the year!


Robinsunne said...

Thanks to Susan and Anne! I am very psyched about this journal. What a good way to travel through this month, eh? With one's trusty journal by one's side, ever listening.

Dawn said...

I LOVE it! So colorful, so lively! You're doing a wonderful job!!!

Websafe said...

Nice textures, and I like the semicircle of the doily. The variety of differently shaped and sized pages will stimulate your imagination.

my year of books said...

All your pages look great! I really like the bird and the paper bag.

Linda said...

Aren't new journals so wonderful? I love the "Christmas" lettering and your bird as well. The other pages are wonderful as well. enjoy filling it up.

prashant said...

I love the grass one.

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Dianne said...

colorful beginning! love the variety of textures and papers...

kanishk said...

I might try just doing some papers instead of a big project.

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