Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Blog Party - Welcome!

Today is my birthday and you are invited to my party at my Sunne Spot Studio! I am so glad that you are here.
Well, come on in, and get yourself something to munch on...
Come and sit with me ...
... and I will tell you the story of how this Studio came into being.
Years ago as I walked around the track at the local gym I would look at those long blank walls and get to thinking. It started looking like a long opportunity for a gallery. Our part of Maine is just rampant with wonderful craft and fine artists and I got to imagining how it would be if we all got to display our work. Then I realized that I would just want to stop and look at it up close - rather defeating the purpose of the track. (!)
I kept thinking about art though. I looked around at all of the people in the gym gathered in community to make their workouts easier: no one person had to buy all of that equipment which saved everyone lots of money. And there was another benefit too. It makes it easier to drag one's self over there every day because of the encouragement of others doing the same thing. Community is both support and inspiration.
"What about art?" I thought, "Wouldn't art be easier to practice regularly if we knew that we had the companionship of others?"
Have you had your art exercise today?
Well, one thing led to another and what with the general rigors of parenting and the fascination of homeschooling, my dream of a community art studio got back-burnered...
And then it just got to be the correct time:
I found a perfect space and filled it with lots of wonderful mixed media, paper and fiber art supplies.
Now the (Artist Trading Card) ATC Trading Rails are up, filled with the art of several Studio-goers.
Let's take a seat at one of the tables and see what we can make.
So, this is a Birthday Party and it is the custom to have party favors. So here is the deal for our Blog Birthday Party: I have 25 party favors - for the first 25 people to write to my email: and give me your postal address, I will send out the party favors! I am happy to have international party guests and will send favors to wherever you are. (The email is for address privacy but you can comment here too!)
Thank you for attending my birthday party. I am so glad to see you here.
Love from,


Sarah Baldwin said...

Happy birthday, Robinsunne! My birthday is in four days. Never realized how many of my friends are fellow Gemini's until Facebook! Can't wait to find some time to stop by your studio this summer.

Robinsunne said...

I can't wait to see you! And happy day on Sunday.