Monday, August 16, 2010

Why is art so easy?

I had an interesting thought wave this morning. Where is the pattern and path, the meaning between the so, so simple artwork that I do in the morning open studio and the amazing amount of precise detail I am capable of in my art quilts?

Well, that's the pattern: I teach the easy stuff in the morning. We use lots of (free) recycled items and do easy stuff like paint brown paper (from grocery bags) to later bind into art journals or use as collage material along with the wooden, plastic and metal found objects in my treasure chest of drawers. A kid could do it. Kids do that here. So do their parents. The result being smiles, and pride, and confidence, and hand-eye coordination, breath, brain stimulation and happiness.

So here is my path: I start where everyone can join in ... which turns into my meaning: a daily practice of art is as crucial to our good health as exercise and vegetables. Art needn't be difficult or esoteric - unless that is where you want to go. Collaged art journals can be plenty demanding, or not, but we get brain vitamins either way.

So let me know when you are ready for a dozen yards of 1/16" inch blind stitch applique with size 11 seed bead fringe. That's evening class time and I'm your girl.

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