Tuesday, September 14, 2010

crayon Paper In Continuance

("in continuance" ? Is that actual English?...)

Well, anyway, my fascination with these crayon papers continues. After having finished the first one (see the post below) I got back out my cray-pas and oil/water pastels and went over my other three papers that I configured from the rest of the paper bag. I added more color and lines here and there.
I ironed again, but not so much as before. The ironing seems to take away a lot of the color. Of course it also melts the color right into the paper... so I guess that that is just a decision that we make. I got very interesting top sheets out of the ironing though:
And here are my crumpled and then flattened papers. You'll see the paper in the middle is kind-of shiny. Jill - oh! I forgot to tell you: the author of the article in Quilting Arts magazine is Jill A. Kennedy. Anyway, Jill instructed to iron interfacing to the back of the papers - which I didn't do as I thought that the brown paper was pretty sturdy by itself, though you will see that I did back the papers with some acrylic felt when I started to stitch. Jill also instructed to iron WonderUnder onto the front of the paper. I am not sure why. I am thinking that it helps to adhere embellishments later on (basting isn't so possible on paper, leaving holes and all). So the fusible web leaves the paper shiny. I only fused one of the pieces. I haven't started hand embroidering that piece yet, so I don't know if it will warm in my hands and be sticky??? I will let you know.
Here is some early machine stitching. As I did not bond the felt to the paper I had to take this beginning stitching slowly, working from the center out, so that I didn't get wrinkles.
Then I started working in the fancier free machine stitching: (and you can see did not center the white felt evenly and had to snip the paper to even things out a bit.
Here: some machine stitch patterns (yellow) mixed with free stitching (red):
More free stitching:
More of both kinds of stitching: I love how this looks.
It has taken me all day to get this written. I started before breakfast, but had to stop due to a crashing lightning storm, it lessened, I wrote, I had to go to the studio, I stopped ...

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I have tried the wonder under on top of things before and I just do not like it, or I am not doing it right (quite possibly the second!)
The texture and feel--just from the photos--is amazing and I am going to have to try this when the present commission is out of the way.
Beautiful work!

Anne.....utterly nonproductive of late